What is the point?

The point is Joy.
For you, your organization, and the world.

The equation is simple.
You + Purpose = Joy.

Aligning around Purpose?
That's the art and science.
That's WHY we're here.

Comma Inc.

is founded on the idea that pursuing a world-benefiting purpose produces better results in business and life than any other pursuit. Purpose engages and energizes both employees and customers, maximizes creative, collaborative problem-solving, and increases joy, bottom line.

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, Inc.'s mission is to increase JOY in the world and to end human suffering connected to fear-infected systems by helping leaders courageously embrace and live out of their hearts.

About Us

Comma Inc. is a new kind of consultancy, founded on the idea that pursuing heart-based purpose produces better results in business and life than any other pursuit, including the pursuit of profit. Leaders who have the courage to let purpose be the driving motivation at the heart of their organizations find multiplying benefits for their business (in the form of consistently better decision making, more energized, collaborative, loyal employees, long-term profitability, and an organizational culture of joy), benefits for the world (in the form of more effectively and sustainably meeting the needs of stakeholders), and benefits for the bottom line (whatever your bottom line happens to be).

Today, Comma Inc. is Jesse Wilson, and a team of supporters who believe in our mission to increase JOY in the world by helping leaders courageously embrace and live out of their hearts & to help end human suffering connected to fear-infected systems. As a pastor for nearly 20 years, followed by a transition to purpose consulting in the business / IT sector, Jesse has decades of life coaching and senior organizational leadership experience, helping leaders and teams thrive in pursuit of purpose.

Beginning with organizational and leadership discovery, together we will come to a deep understanding of your most important goals and current challenges. We will identify and clarify your organization's purpose, promise, and benefit (or, as Simon Sinek calls it, your WHY). We will do an alignment analysis to determine how your current people, processes, and tools are aligned to that purpose. We will develop an actionable, achievable plan to set you and your organization on a courageous path to full alignment with the things that matter most to you - what we call a road map to JOY. Because JOY has unparalleled business value.

Comma Inc. also provides coaching, workshops and seminars for leaders and teams looking to increase alignment around purpose and build joyful organizational cultures that maximize long-term internal and external organizational success.

Contact us today to begin exploring how we can help you experience the energizing joy of living and leading out of the deepest passions of your heart.

Jesse Wilson
Co-Founder & CEO


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Before we begin working together, let's schedule a free consultation to help you understand how Comma Inc. might help you and or your organization, explore your current needs, and determine which services will help us get started together in the most beneficial way. We can also talk about pricing and scheduling during this free consultation.

Purpose Consulting

Purpose Consulting is a collaborative process involving Discovery with key leadership team members and stakeholders to identify and clarify the true motivation at your organization's heart - its WHY - followed by a comprehensive Alignment Analysis and Alignment Roadmap.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching takes the key processes and insights of Purpose Consulting and applies them to you personally. We'll begin with discovery exercises around the core motivations that have been driving you (sometimes unconsciously) your whole life. Once we identify and clarify the purpose that's closest to your heart and has the greatest capacity to give you joy when you connect to it, we'll do a personalised alignment analysis and create a comprehensive alignment roadmap to move you towards greater joy and connection to your core purpose.


Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops are fun, dynamic opportunities to create shared understanding and build alignment for leadership teams around the role of Purpose in your organization. Customized for the needs of your team and your organization, workshops address topics such as employee engagement, the 3 motivational stages, the role of purpose in removing fear from organizational culture, the power of collaborative conflict, empowerment marketing, and building customer loyalty through purpose alignment.


Work Process

Our work process is designed to help us serve you in accomplishing your goals with as much joy - and as little wasted time and energy - as possible. The following specifically describes the purpose consulting process, but also applies to executive coaching.

1. Discuss the project

Everything starts with a free consultation (which in some cases may include preliminary discovery) to give you more information and to address any initial questions you may have. During preliminary discovery, we will meet for 50-80 minutes to discuss the scope of the project. Based on the needs and opportunities we identify together, a project proposal will be developed. Once an initial timeline and scope are confirmed, we will schedule the project start.

2. Project Start

We will begin with a Project Start meeting to confirm project goals, key people, processes, and tools, answer questions, and potentially dive into Stage One Discovery (depending on the complexity of the project).

3. Discovery

Discovery is a fun, collaborative, multi-stage process where we creatively work to identify and clarify core motivations. Discovery involves both conversational interviews and off-line exercises, and results in concrete deliverables clarifying Purpose, Vision, Primary Personas, Core Promises, & Key Benefits.

4. Inform you during work

Purpose Alignment is a collaborative, iterative journey that we help guide you along, but ultimately it's your journey. Which means you are in the driver's seat, and we're there to help you get to where you want to go, at the pace you want to get there. We will inform you at regular intervals (TBD based on our initial timeline and scope) of our progress towards the Alignment Roadmap, so that we can adjust our pacing or goals to adapt to your needs and the needs of your organization.

5. Alignment Analysis

After approval of the Discovery deliverables, we will conduct an alignment analysis to identify the degree to which key organizational areas are aligned with the organization's core purpose. Much like Discovery, this is a collaborative process involving conversational interviews, observation, and off-site exercises resulting in a concrete Alignment Analysis report.

6. Alignment Roadmap

Having developed a clear picture of your organization's WHY and the current challenges around alignment to Purpose, the Alignment Roadmap provides a set of steps and a timeline to bring joy-producing alignment. This comprehensive and practical deliverable focuses on aligning your HOW - the values, structures, and habits that make up your organization's inside reality, its culture - with your WHY, so that everything your organization does serves to bring the greatest benefit and joy to its customers, its employees, its leadership, and its bottom line.

Our Story

If your browser began flipping pages before you got here, you may need to manually scroll back to the beginning of the story. There are clickable navigation arrows that appear to the left of the pictures and to the right of the words as you hover your mouse over them. On a mobile device, you can just swipe left and right. The first page of the story begins with the picture of the moonlit figure in the trench coat, and the words "In the beginning...

  • In the beginning...

    "I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me." - Tupac Shakur

    I'm not sure how much Tupac and I have in common (although I did have a brief and now-comical rapping stint in Northern Ireland when I was 19), but those lyrics capture something of how I came to be where I am now. Maybe even something of how all of us came to be where we are now.

  • Before launching , Inc., I was a pastor for nearly 20 years, and loved it. I loved helping people get the most out of life. I loved helping people work together to make a difference. I loved spending every day doing something that mattered to me.

    I had no idea THAT would lead to THIS.
    But it did.
    And I'm glad that it did.

  • The thing that changed everything, really, was an idea that showed up along the way. An idea the people with whom I worked - and lived, and loved - taught me and helped me get to know. It makes work joyful, relationships freer, life more connected to reality. If we have enough courage to take this idea as far as it wants to go, it could actually make the world better in all kinds of ways.

  • The idea is pretty simple, really. Instead of trying to distance ourselves from our vulnerability by chasing the appearance of strength (which is ultimately a futile, exhausting, fear-filled pursuit), we explore the courageous path of embracing vulnerability and living out of the truest things in our hearts.

    It re-integrates us and leads to thriving, joyful, collaborative communities. It helps us recapture the best of what it means to be child-like. Wonder, courage, purpose, and joy paired with experience, maturity, and intelligence.

  • I have faith that if we can lead and live out of the best things in our hearts - the purpose we get the most joy from pursuing - we can change the world. Starting with our own lives, and the lives of the people who pursue a common purpose with us, and the lives of the people our organizations make a difference for. If we can make space in our organizations for people to work together without any manufactured fears in the system, the benefits of purpose multiply and together we can solve even the world's most difficult problems.

  • Our hearts tell us we might be on to something. All kinds of research agrees. Let's take a leap of faith and see what kind of incredible things might happen. Wouldn't that be worth waking up for every day?

    So that's why I'm on this path. And maybe why you are too.

  • Maybe the thug life chose all of us, once.
    But it's never too late to choose the child-like life.

    I'm in. Let's help each other write the next chapter of our stories.

    To be continued...

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My hope is this blog strengthens your courage to live out of your heart, pursue your purpose, and ultimately, increase joy in your life and the world.